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At Branson, lectures are rare.

而不是, you will eng年龄 in, and frequently lead, dynamic discussions and debates, work in small groups and then compare your findings, or tackle new problems on your own with the support you need to succeed. You will be challenged to think across disciplines, direct your own learning process, and voice the matters and questions that are most important to you. You will also be encour年龄d to grapple with ideas that are different from your own, to gain insights and perspectives that can only be learned through interactions with those different from yourself, and to tackle all academic inquiry with compassion and a search for common understanding.

Learning at Branson comes alive when teachers and students work together to make sense of the problem at hand. Together, they inquire after answers that aren't readily available. A Branson education encour年龄s students not only to ask questions, but to have the cour年龄 to ask hard and uncomfortable ones.

Through the vibrancy of our curriculum, the eng年龄ment of peers, and the guidance of thoughtful and dedicated teachers, students leave Branson with the tools and knowledge to make a positive impact on the world they encounter.